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Comerica Park Obstructed View Seats - Section 107

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I attended yesterday's Detroit Tigers baseball game (a 3-1 loss to the Rangers) at Comerica park. I was there with my Dad and brother Jeremy, my wife Missy's Dad, and Missy's brothers Scott and Jeff. It was fun to be at the game despite the loss, since I've been a fair weather fan of the team this year and have followed the team to some extent (mostly on the radio in the evenings as I'm doing work around the house).

I wanted to share some information about my tickets. As I ordered the tickets for the game back in mid-July, I wasn't having any luck finding 6 tickets together through the Tigers Website for any of the affordable sections. When I asked the website for "best available" tickets, it would only offer me "obstructed view" $8 tickets in section 107 in the ballpark.

Section 107 doesn't exist on any map of Comerica Park that I was able to find, but I correctly figured that it was the section adjacent to section 106, alternatively labelled "Kaline's Corner" or "Community Corner" depending on which map you're looking at.

Comerica Park Seating Map

At the time that I ordered the tickets, I wasn't sure exactly what the view would be obstructed by. Looking at the map, I was a bit concerned that the seats would be somehow tucked behind the part of section 210 that juts out into the "Kaline's Corner" section. I didn't really see how that could be possible, though, since such seats wouldn't be able to see anything in the infield. I ended up just taking a chance and ordering the tickets -- for only $8 (plus another nearly $4 tacked on by Ticketmaster for a total of $12) per ticket, it seemed to be a reasonable gamble. I ended up getting Section 107, Row 42, seats 8-13.

Arriving at the game yesterday, I quickly determined the actual cause of the "obstructed view". Section 107, Row 42, seat 10 is directly on the right field foul line -- and thus directly behind the foul pole! From my seat, seat 10, I could see the entire field... with the notable exception of home plate! I could lean to the right for partial view of a right-handed batter at the plate, and to the left for a partial view of left-handed batters. (My original theory on the source of the obstructed view was not correct; section 210, being an upper-deck section, does not obsure the view for any seats in the lower deck, including section 107.)

Fortunately, even though attendance the game appeared to be around 85-90%, there were a good number of open seats around where I was sitting. After the first inning, Dad, Jeremy, and I were able to move to some open seats back one row and several seats to the right. We had a great view of the entire field from there.

So Comerica Park section 107, row 42, seats 9-11 have an obstructed view of home plate due to the foul pole. Seats 12 and greater have an unobstructed view of the entire field.

I think the seats behind the foul pole in others rows near row 42 are also seat numbers 9 through 11, although I didn't double-check to confirm this before we left the game.

If you found this page via a search engine looking for "Comerica Park obstructed view section 107" or something similar, hopefully this information will be helpful to you when deciding whether to order tickets in that section. (I wasn't able to find any relevant information via Google when I searched at the time I ordered the tickets.)

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